Author: Scott Perry

  • Todays

    Sometimes it’s the instrument itself that can spark a song. I had bought a hundred-year-old Mexican folk guitar – El Kabong, as it became known – which I used to get just the right sound on “Serenity” (see my entry for that song). This tune came out solely because I was picking around on the […]

  • All Seas

    My father’s watch was not an expensive one, but all our time is worth the same – priceless – and he at least lived a good long life. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 81, and it was hard losing the father I loved so much, who had such an impact on […]

  • Serenity

    When Brandy and I bought our home – which if you didn’t know floats on the Pacific Ocean over here at the edge of North America – we immediately named it Serenity. There are a few reasons for this, or maybe I should say, a few connotations to the word that made it the perfect […]

  • Onboard

    In the accompanying photo you can see my copy of Alastor – the Spirit of Solitude, an early poem (1816) by Percy Shelley in which he first developed many of the themes that would inform his greatest works, written over only a few years before his death in 1822. One of Shelley’s obsessions was Inspiration […]

  • Say I Do!

    The story of this song starts about a year before I ever thought of writing it. My niece Amy was getting married and asked me to Emcee her wedding, a very nice gesture to involve me as more than just a guest (and guarantee my attendance!). I agreed of course, not without some nerves looking […]

  • Cariboo

      This is the song that more than any other convinced me to do a full album, after we had finished recording “Say I Do.” Originally I was just going to focus on that song and release it as a single and video, but “Cariboo” kept going through my head, such a simple heartfelt tune, […]

  • Album Release Announcement

    Welcome to the official Scott Perry Music website, finally ready to share with the world at large! Huge shout out to Brandy Bernard for building this for me from the digital ground up. As you will see, I do have my debut album Road to Freedom up so you can check out my earlier songs […]

  • Fathers and Songs

    This Father’s Day is a hard one for me and my family, exactly one year after my dad Gordon Perry passed away on June 18th, 2016. It hardly feels like a year since he unexpectedly fell ill and was quickly lost to us. He died one year and one month after my mother succumbed to […]

  • Recording update

    Making a record and preparing it for release takes longer than you expect – even with all the time I can now devote to it!  The good news is the lead-off single “Say I Do” is finished and ready to go, but needs to be coordinated with a firm release date for the album.  You […]