Comfort Zone

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© 2018 by Scott Perry
Bright lights, the glare of the camera’s eye –
What awaited on the other side?
Well, we all signed up for this, now
We’re going to have to see it through (yeah)

No cuts, though nearly every one of us
Heard a litany of flaws discussed
We survived through the audition
To make the competition…

I stepped outside my comfort zone

Sing out, ‘cause that’s what it’s all about
Wanna hear the story clear and loud, now
If you believe in what you’re selling –
The tale is in the telling

I stepped outside my comfort zone

Moved fast, but all of this time has passed
Much better than we could’ve asked for
As we lock in to one another
Try to make the moment last (now)

Transformed, we’ve travelled beyond the norm
To discover what we could perform well
We have made this song our own
Outside the comfort zone

I stepped outside my comfort zone…

In 2011 a show debuted called “Canada Sings” (hosted by Matte Babel and featuring Vanilla Ice and Jann Arden as judges) with the premise of pitting two workplace “glee clubs” against each other. Our 1-800-GOT-JUNK? PR manager at the time, Erin Raimondo, got wind they were looking for another west coast team and asked me and several others she knew who sang in one form or another. We sent in a tape (thrown together last minute – of course we were never any kind of glee club at all), had a bit of a live audition for Orin Isaacs, and were approved for the show. The first day filming rehearsals at Warehouse studios, I found out there was dancing too, Broadway musical style. Nobody told me about dancing (it says “Canada SINGS” people), and I was singled out by the show’s choreographer Christian Vincent as not up to snuff, likely to hold the group back – with cameras running of course! In one-on-one interviews with the show’s director, the phrase comfort zone kept coming up (as I was clearly “stepping” outside mine doing a big dance number while singing), and one day I went home and wrote this song. It took years, but I finally brought together several of my fellow cast members to add their talents to a fully realized studio recording of the song. Now, time to revive that show and get this on the soundtrack!