A few years back my buddies Kurt Comer and Jeff Gontovnick (check out their band Bad PR) and I came up with this song and video to promote the charity MOvement known as Movember.  I managed to get Robert Riendeau (who filmed both smash hit videos for The Orchid Highway) onboard to direct.  Because he’s a pro and his time ain’t cheap, at the end of the shoot I gave him the guitar I used in filming it, a classic Gibson SG as seen here.

Robert Riendeau directed these next two videos as well, when The Orchid Highway got on the Rainbow Quartz record label out of Brooklyn NY.  The first single, Next World, was used to showcase to the world the vast amount of vintage gear this band operated with – all those guitars, keyboards, amplifiers etc were ours, and it took two days to set up that vast wall of gear.  A fun shoot, but tiring with the long set-up and break-down.


Our next single was Sofa Surfer Girl, which ended up getting even more airplay around the US – especially in Hawaii where it landed in heavy rotation on Maui’s KEAO.  Something they like about surfing there.  Also a fun time filming this one with Robert, but a much simpler set up – this was all about the band members, sitting around being ourselves.  Y’know, big rock stars giving a press conference.