Swept Away

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© 2018 by Scott Perry

All the planets aligned when I saw her
Even across the crowded room
She saw me too, yes I’m certain that
We both started to look the same way…

In a gaze;
Swept away

She was out of my league, so they told me
But I did not listen very well
We really connected the moment that
We did away with the pedestal — Hey!

We’re here today
So come my way
Get swept away…

On our way somewhere great
We’d be safer to stay
But that’s not how we’re made

Well, we started to see something more than
Just a jaded opportunity
It’s been an adventure, I’m assuring you
We have made the most of every day

In a way,
They’re all today;
Soon swept away

On our way somewhere great
We’d be safer to stay
But that’s not how we’re made
(Or how we play…)
It’s the freedom you gain
When you seize every day:
All your fears swept away

This is a song I wrote thinking back to single days, when you could be transported by one magic shared look with a new person, caught in a gaze and swept away. It wasn’t written about any specific woman, just a flight of fancy, or fond nostalgia for that fresh discovery of someone new. I’ve always hated the concept of someone being ‘out of your league’ so that was one of the myths I set out to puncture in this otherwise light-hearted romp (putting someone ‘up on a pedestal’ is another). My whole goal with the song was to portray a sexy flirtation with total equality, rather than objectifying someone – we are both the subject of the song. Even if the relationship is never going to be serious (in this case, it’s implied that it’s not – “it’s been an adventure” though!), that equal participation is important. If mutual respect is there (“we both started to look the same way”), then there’s nothing wrong with going for it: as the chorus hammers home, you have to “seize every day” and let your fears be Swept Away. Like Comfort Zone, this song is about pushing yourself to do more, even though it would be “safer to stay” where you are, perhaps imagining that beautiful woman over there is ‘out of your league’ or some such nonsense.