Not Jane

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© 2018 by Scott Perry

Angel – out of nowhere
Swooping down on me in my chair

Strolling round the corner
It’s so easy to live up to

Her name’s not Jane
Just plain Angel

Straight down from heaven
She turned it up to eleven

Morning never tasted
Any better – smell the coffee!

Her name’s not Jane
Just plain Angel

She’s eighteen, at the most
Skipping high school for photo shoots
(photo shoots)

There’s no way this is real
Wake and bake, with a model!

Her name’s not Jane
Just plain Angel
Her name’s not Jane
Just plain Angel

True story time! This is one of those songs that are forced into being by some random experience that leaves you scratching your head wondering, did that really just happen? I was between jobs, out for a weekday morning coffee on Commercial Drive with a friend when someone he knew (somehow) stopped by our sidewalk table. She was much younger, and in fact as she told us, skipping high school right then to do a photo shoot later. But now, at 9am, she had a joint and invited us around the corner to smoke it. Fresh with my unsought morning high (the old “wake and bake”), I couldn’t believe this teenage model had just swooped down on us like that and changed the outlook of my whole day (there was not likely to be any serious job hunting after that, for one thing). Her age never came up, but the fact that she was still in high school, and as grown up as she clearly was, led me to muse that “she’s 18 – at the most.” Best of all, her name was really Angel, which is how the twist of the song title and chorus came to me – the song was completely written a little later that same magical day.