Author: Scott Perry

  • Folks Songs

    Folks Songs

    The 4th album from Scott Perry & the EastVangelicals was long-planned, even before the band was formed, as a tribute to Perry’s parents who passed in 2015/16. A highly personal album that nonetheless comes from a universal place: the experience and processing of grief. And losing parents, specifically, is something most of us eventually go […]

  • Can’t Stop

    Can’t Stop

    One result of the heavy focus on recording and pushing forward this solo project to tap into my large backlog of material was a sharp decrease in writing new music over the past 2-3 years.  I felt I owed it to my existing songs to try to make something out of them before going on […]

  • Dream With Me

    Dream With Me

    When I woke up from this dream, I immediately set about capturing what I’d heard on my guitar (as is tradition!), which wasn’t difficult as this is just about as simple as a song can get.  But when I sauntered back to bed still full of dream-feeling, I discovered that Brandy had just dreamt something […]

  • All I Need

    All I Need

    This was the song that finally succeeded in capturing my growing feelings for Brandy, after several failed attempts to write something for her.  As described before, I felt like I’d written all the love songs I could squeeze out of one lifetime, and fell flat trying to dip back into those rich (but well-worn) inspirations.  […]

  • dreamsong


    Can you tell that this is another song that came to me in a dream?  Not very creative titling, to be sure, but in this case, the dreaming was central to the dream, if that makes any sense.  As is usual for my captured ‘chansons de rêve’ the whole first verse was formed by mysterious […]

  • Sweetheart


    I can’t remember how this song popped out of me (except that I was definitely awake at the time!) but it’s one of those tunes that came quickly and seemed to form itself.  I love the title word and back in 2006 when I wrote this there was a local band named Sweetheart that may’ve […]

  • Both Got Lucky

    Both Got Lucky

    Another important theme to this album, which should be clear from the title, is dreams.  Part of that is a simple play on sayings like “girl of your dreams” or “dreamboat”, but more directly it stems from the fact that I have been blessed by more than a few songs coming to me in a […]

  • More Than Friends

    More Than Friends

    This photo was taken the day that Brandy and I ‘declared’ ourselves a couple, a day that became such a central part of our story it grew to near-legendary status – at least for us!  More than any other this is the song that tells that tale, our origin story if you will.  As such […]

  • Suddensweet


    Full disclosure: this song is the only one to predate my relationship with Brandy, having been started shortly before I met her.  It was one of those flights of fancy, not referring to anyone specifically, more a reflection on love developing suddenly, with no predictability or pattern, subject to vague concepts like “chemistry” or “destiny.”  […]

  • Sunshine


    I came up with the basic form and melody of this song out on my patio one gorgeous sunny day hanging out with Brandy and drinking in the sweet ecstasy of fresh love and sunshine in a city not famous for it (we appreciate it all the more when we get it!)  The riff emerged […]