Las Vegas – Say I Did!

After the big release show and all the work that went into recording, packaging and putting out the album, we booked it out of Vancouver for a well-earned vacation to everyone’s favorite celebration spot, Vegas.  A big reason I wanted to go back here is to revisit the location for the Say I Do video shoot earlier this year.  I brought Brandy with me to meet Elvis and see the best wedding chapel in the city famed for them: The Little Vegas Chapel.  They still have the guitar I gave them after wrapping our shoot, which I signed then and added a little more to on this trip.  Thanks again to Mike and all his great staff.

CD Release Show – Sep 8, 2017

One of the best nights of my life, it went by in a flash after so much build up.  It was my birthday, almost by coincidence, as I planned months ahead to release the album, and it became clear it should come out right in that timeframe.  Booking the show on that date definitely pushed us to finish (nothing like a fixed deadline!)  We had an amazing time, sold nearly 30 CDs (and three books!), caught up with old friends and made some new.  If you missed this show, we’re going to do it all again when the 12″ vinyl old-school record is ready to release, likely December.


My origin story.  I was raised on music; though my father was not a seriously accomplished guitarist, music always seemed to be around. I was fascinated by it from the start, though I didn’t get serious about guitar myself till I was 18, and then it was all over. These shots show some of my family heritage (my Dad’s older brothers were singing cowboys), on up to the days of busking on Granville Street (and in LA and New York!), plus a few early bands.


Once I joined The Orchid Highway things got a little more serious. We signed with Brooklyn’s Rainbow Quartz label in 2008 releasing a pretty successful album that got airplay all over the US and Canada with a couple of well-received singles & videos. Some standout shows were the Knitting Factory in LA and a memorable SXSW in Austin playing 4 venues in 4 days. The Top Drawers invited me to replace guitarist Phil Bell and we became known for our energetic live shows, recording an as-yet unreleased album (still hope!). And Steven Drake of Odds (who produced the Orchids’ album) brought me in to play for his band The Winlaws, which had a brief glorious run of local shows in 2014-15.

Scott Solo and Jammin’

Before my new project I had dabbled with being a solo artist, most notably recording and releasing the album Road to Freedom in 2006. Right after it came out I joined the Orchids, and then a few years later I was playing in three bands with little time to pursue my own music. These are shots from some of the Scott Perry shows I did play over the past decade, including one in 2015 played at the Fairview as Sunshowers (a band name I really like and plan to use again in the future). Also a small selection of random shots of onstage shenanigans and fun times jamming with friends — who all know I love jumping up on stage to add harmonies to someone else’s show.

Serenity Now!

Current photos of my new venture, call it The Scott Perry Project if you will (no, don’t, that’s too close to Joe Perry! – no relation). Here are some shots documenting the process of recording my new solo album, Songs of Serenity. Also some shots from filming the video for “Say I Do” in Las Vegas earlier this year (the perfect town for a wedding song – getting married there is the one thing that DOESN’T stay in Vegas). This is me now, a work in progress – much more to come! Stay tuned…