Scott Perry is a singer-songwriter in the classic tradition of guitar-driven tunesmiths like George Harrison, Jim Croce, Gram Parsons, Matthew Sweet and Elliott Smith.  His melodic and intimate songs tell stories of home, inspiration, connection, and love.  A veteran of Vancouver’s music scene in bands The Orchid Highway, Top Drawers and The Winlaws (with Steven Drake of Odds), he’s become known for his versatile guitar work and harmony vocals, while contributing the odd song (see: Beatle George).  But the passion for writing kept calling him to step out front with his own material (see: All Things Must Pass).

Though his solo debut was 2006’s Road To Freedom, Scott continued to play and tour in bands while honing his own voice and finding the players to bring his vision to life. Losing both parents in the space of a year led to a soul-searching hiatus from playing and then the major decision to quit his day job, walking away from a career of twelve years to focus on music full-time.

The result is Songs of Serenity, a collection of songs that follow a narrative path of love through nostalgia and loss, back to love and home. Lead-off single “Say I Do” was written as a surprise for a niece who asked him to MC her wedding. Scott realized the song had broader appeal, moving from proposal through planning to the big moment and celebration that follows, a fun 3-1/2 minute romp down the matrimonial aisle. The album pays homage to the past and home, especially “Cariboo,” composed from a poem of his father’s about their homeland in central BC. That song and “Trigger” (a down-home barn-burner from another Gordon Perry poem) reflect some of his dad’s country influence. Other songs offer musings on inspiration or touch on sadder moments and challenges in life, but everything wraps up on a positive note in the lushly arranged love song, “Above.”

Songs are only dreams until someone wakes them to reality, and Scott’s have been realized by the talents of bassist Eric Lefebvre (Top Drawers, Danny Echo, The Walk-ins), keyboardist Derek Macdonald (Gold Stars are for Suckers, the Bad Beats), drummer Adrian Buckley (Cass King and the Next Right Thing), and Steven Drake (Odds, The Winlaws), who played steel guitar on and also mixed “Say I Do.”

Songs of Serenity was released September 8th, 2017 on CD and digital, with a vinyl release (including bonus track) following on March 10th, 2018.