Scott Perry is a singer-songwriter in the vintage of guitar-driven tunesmiths like George Harrison, Tom Petty, Matthew Sweet and Elliott Smith.  Somewhere near the intersection of folk-rock and power-pop.  His melodic, intimate songs tell stories of home, inspiration, connection, love, loss and family.  He played guitar and honed his harmonizing skills in Vancouver bands The Orchid HighwayTop Drawers and The Winlaws (with Steven Drake of Odds), while contributing the odd song (see: Beatle George).  But the passion for writing kept calling him to step out on his own (see: All Things Must Pass), so he formed The EastVangelicals (with bassist Eric Lefebvre, keyboardist Derek Macdonald, and drummer and co-producer Adrian Buckley (known for his excellent work with fellow Vancouver band Star Collector).

The new band recorded two albums in quick succession: 2017’s debut Songs of Serenity (“a record that is honest, beguilingly so” – Tom Harrison; “Canadian twang that is also easygoing and hooky” – Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun), and 2018’s Follow UP (“If [Songs Of Serenity]’s gentle reflection was like a warm bath, Follow Up is much more brisk [with a] fuller sound” of “power-pop brightness”).

Continuing to draw on a backlog of material, Scott’s long-term relationship inspired the next album Suite: Dreams, a thematic collection of love songs written over 14 years.  Finished off just as the pandemic struck, the album was released digitally in summer 2020, then again on CD in 2021 and finally on vinyl in early 2022.

2022 was spent recording Folks Songs, a tribute to parents who died in 2015/16.  As their loss led directly to the formation of this band, the new album rounds out the whole project, completing a cycle of four seasonally themed albums.  The summer album of love is followed by this winter cold meditation on death and loss, clothed in the warmth of memories and celebration.  Songs like “Let it All Go” and “Picture of a Life” explore the grieving process, as universal and utterly personal, while the upbeat “Mothers Day” celebrates the life of a parent and album-opener “Don’t Wait” drives home how precious every moment is, with a driving beat and lush harmonies.  Three songs were composed from lyrics by Perry’s father Gordon, adding another personal family layer to this album of tribute, home, love, loss, and grief.

Folks Songs is set for release August 5th, 2022 – which would’ve been Gordon Perry’s 88th birthday.