Scott Perry is a singer-songwriter in the vintage of guitar-driven tunesmiths like George Harrison, Tom Petty, Matthew Sweet and Elliott Smith.  Somewhere near the intersection of folk-rock and power-pop.  His melodic, intimate songs tell stories of home, inspiration, connection, and above all, love.  He played guitar and honed his harmonizing skills in Vancouver bands The Orchid HighwayTop Drawers and The Winlaws (with Steven Drake of Odds), while contributing the odd song (see: Beatle George).  But the passion for writing kept calling him to step out on his own (see: All Things Must Pass), so he formed The EastVangelicals and recorded two albums in quick succession: Songs of Serenity (2017), and Follow UP (2018).

Continuing to draw on a backlog of material, Scott has assembled a thematic collection of love songs written over the course of a 14-year relationship for the band’s new 2020 release, Suite: Dreams.  Opening with lead-off single “All & Everything,” a bouncy 3-minute romp through the story of love, the album explores various facets of a developing relationship.  “Sunshine” and “Sweetheart” were borrowed back from The Orchid Highway and Top Drawers respectively, each bursting with the joy of those early days of discovery.  “More Than Friends” tells the story of a love noticed by everyone but the two who are in it, and finally forced to admit it.  The “Dreams” of the title plays on “girl of your dreams” or “dreamboat,” but was inspired by several songs that actually came in a dream, chased down and captured in the light of day, notably “dreamsong” and “Dream With Me.”  That theme also inspired the chorus of the album’s upbeat closer, “Can’t Stop,” a new song written to bring the story up to the current moment.

Songs are after all only dreams until someone wakes them to reality, and Scott’s have been realized by his talented band, bassist Eric Lefebvre (The Top Drawers, Danny Echo, The Walk-Ins), keyboardist Derek Macdonald (The Bad Beats, Pepper Sands), drummer Adrian Buckley (Cass King and the Cassettes, Star Collector), and guest musicians contributing their talents on steel guitar (Jackson Gardner), and vocals (Graham Myrfield, Tim Payne, and all the EastVangelicals).

Suite: Dreams is slated for release July 1st, 2020 on CD and digital, with a vinyl release to follow later this year.  Stay tuned, lovers and dreamers!