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With Songs of Serenity (released Sep 2017), Scott Perry debuted his new band – Adrian Buckley on drums, Derek Macdonald keys, and Eric Lefebvre bass – and a style of music he’d long wanted to put out in the world.  Largely acoustic-based music inspired by classic seventies singer-songwriters such as John Denver, George Harrison, Gram Parsons, but also drawing on the melodic punch of the Beatles and all the great power-pop bands they influenced.

This new album continues what Serenity started, recorded at the same studio with most of the same people (Echoplant Studio’s Matt DiPomponio at the board, Adrian Buckley mixing the final product).  Though the acoustic guitar remains at the heart of these songs, more electric guitar and leads are found throughout, with some upbeat rockers kicking off the album.  Still resounding everywhere is a love of vocal harmony, with many lush arrangements building simple songs into a rewarding listening experience.

From a play on words, the idea of a follow-up record turned into the title Follow UP and became the running theme of the album, with each song touching on a different aspect of positivity.  From the chance discovery of “Not Jane” to the spirituality of “All the World”; the self-challenge and adventure of the first two songs to the pure love song goodness of “All That” capping off the collection, every song has some kind of a positive message: a way to follow the UP side of this life.

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