New review in for Follow UP!

Vancouver’s venerated music journalist Tom Harrison may have retired from his longtime gig writing for the Sun and Province newspapers, but he still likes to keep his ear tuned for new music.  At his own website, he can write about anything he wants to now, so we’re thrilled that his latest post is a review of our new album, Follow UP!

Tom also reviewed Songs of Serenity last year (read that full review HERE), in which he praised the album’s “personal quality … and its twang”, and called it ” a record that is honest, beguilingly so, as it nakedly explores feelings in “Serenity,” alludes to family history or elicits a contentment”.  He pointed out that the lead singing (which is admittedly not of the stellar “Idol”-winning variety) “sounds untutored and vulnerable” but concludes that my voice suits the material: “It’s human and in that humanity is virtue.”

In the new review, he writes that “If that album’s gentle reflection was like a warm bath, Follow Up is much more brisk [with a] fuller sound” of “power-pop brightness”  Exactly right, Tom!  We are picking up the pace and pounding some familiar power-pop pavement in the footsteps of heroes like the Beatles.  Nice that he also says “Perry’s singing is less self-conscious, his arrangements more detailed with leads supported by double tracking and a greater attention paid to back up vocals.

Click here to read the full review on Tom’s page, and if you haven’t heard these songs for yourself yet, they are all previewed here on this site (just follow the links under “Music”, and obviously for sale (buy your own collector’s edition copy RIGHT HERE!).  Or if Spotify is your thing, you can stream to your heart’s content, just click on these links to go straight there:

Follow UP on Spotify

Songs of Serenity on Spotify



New video for Not Jane

Finally getting down to some visual content to go along with our brand-new album, Follow UP (available HERE).  The first video is very, very high budget as you will see, with all the latest technological marvels and special effects.


OK, so actually, it’s completely homemade, lo-fi, and dead simple.  What can I say? – it’s all about the guitars for me.  And the song “Not Jane” was born from that guitar riff, so might as well feature it up front.  All shot (again) at Serenity, my home on the Pacific.

Look for some more video ideas to make their way onto the screen over the coming weeks and months, and meanwhile you can find all the new songs (and old) on Spotify and other streaming sites, while the album is available at all your fave online stores — iTunes, Amazon, etc.  Or, for the best price and quick delivery (by yours truly!) just go here to purchase.

Happy Birthday to ME! …and Serenity!


Today’s the day – this brand-new album is already available here at this website!  You can read all about the new Follow UP, click on any song and get its full story (plus hear the whole thing and read the lyrics), or go straight to the online shop and buy the digital collection OR your collector’s edition old-skool CD (a memento you’ll be able to fondly treasure when that media finally dies!)

And even more excitedly for those of you in this town, Tonight’s the night!  We’ll be rocking local hotspot LanaLou’s from 8pm to the wee hours with a treasure trove of music featuring the ultra-quirky Legion of Flying Monkeys (9pm), Scott Perry and the Eastvangelicals (that’s US! at 10pm), and the always rocking Danny Echo (11pm) to take us home while I sit back and celebrate my birthday at last!

There will be special prices on all our merch at the show, so come on down and spend a few bucks – the new album will be signed and numbered in a one-time-only limited run you will be glad you got a part of!

If you can’t make it to 362 Powell Street tonight, browse through the site and see what this album is all about, listen to as much of it as you like, and put down a few bucks to own it yourself.  It will be available at all online retailers and streaming sites (might just be a while before it shows up in all searches) — but of course, you get the best price right HERE!  It is also the one-year Birthday of our first album, Songs of Serenity, so if you don’t already own that in some form, check out all the great stuff (stories, lyrics, songs, reviews & pics) we have here relating to the record that launched this whole adventure!

See you tonight, my Van-legions of friends and fans!

—  Scott “Eastvangelista” Perry



Follow UP: All That

One of many perfect moments from our first year; a lot of them at the old Railway, this one with the inimitable Ferdy Belland.

The song I chose to close out the new album is devoted to the best kind of positivity you can convey in song: the timeless, ageless, Love Song.  I’ve written quite a few, but none better than this one, which came very early in my time with Brandy, when we’d already had “lots of perfect moments” and knew we were destined to have many more.

She truly is “All That”, even though the title is actually short for “All That I Need” (too many songs with that title).  She brings out the best in me, she completes me, all that cliched (yet true) lovespeak.  It’s also true that we are still discovering each other, even 12 years later.  I’ve been sitting on this gem for almost that entire 12 years, so please, sample a little audio from the best song I’ve ever written, finally getting released Sept 8th:

Follow UP: The Artist

Photo by Wendy D Photography

The penultimate song from our brand new album is from a poem I wrote way back in university days.  I sat across from a now-forgotten woman in a small seminar and watched while she doodled a gorgeous pair of eyes in plain ink on a sheet of paper.  They seemed to stare right at me, as I certainly did at them.  It was an emblematic moment that made me think about the process of creativity and expression, how art always needs an observer or audience to truly come to life.  The lines blurred between the artist drawing and the one using words (and later music) to capture the feeling.  Here is a snippet from The Artist (you can hear the full song, and the rest of the album Sept 8th!):

Follow UP: Voyageur

When I read Six String Nation by Jowi Taylor, it blew me away – the story of how one incredible guitar, called “Voyageur,” was lovingly crafted (by Luthier George Rizsanyi) out of some 64 different pieces of Canadian history.  I was inspired to write this song, paying homage to hockey sticks from Gretzky & Paul Henderson, part of Rocket Richard’s Stanley Cup ring (inset in the 9th fret), and many more pieces.  I only wish I could’ve fit more of them into the song!  The most crucial top piece was cut out of the Golden Spruce of Haida Gwaii, a great honour as that tree, felled before its time, is still sacredly guarded by the local Haida.  It is my dream to one day record this song with Voyageur, but for now, here’s a glimpse of the finished 7th track on Follow UP!

Follow UP: All The World

Photo by Wendy D Photography

I came across a George Herbert poem (from 1630) and music popped into my head as I read it.  Naturally I imagined many voices singing the chorus and choral verses in a call and response exchange, and I got to use some good ones on this recording: Graham Myrfield and Tim Payne joined the rest of my band singing around one microphone.  Take a listen!

Follow UP: Be Alright

Photo by Wendy D Photography

It might seem odd, but on my second “solo” album — intended to chip away at a massive backlog of songs I never got to use in any bands I’ve been in over the years — we included a song by Eric Lefebvre.  It’s one he never got to play with the Top Drawers (our other band) or elsewhere and he asked if we could do it, so I thought “why not?”  It just so happened to fit the developing theme of following the UP in life perfectly (nothing more positive than the line “It’s gonna be alright”), so it was in.  We had a great deal of fun recording this, especially building up all the harmonies and some incredible keyboard work by Derek (OK, and some sweet guitar soloing by me).  Have a listen to what’s coming!

Follow UP: I Know You

Photo by Wendy D Photography

Next up from Follow UP is a song I wrote while busking down on Granville Street, which I used to do regularly on Friday and Saturday nights, milking the exiting bar crowds of coins while they drunkenly requested Free Bird and Stairway.  Sometimes there were quiet moments between waves and I would noodle around, and idly write something new while waiting for more people to show.  That’s how this song came to be; I still have the two tiny scraps of paper I wrote down the minimal lyrics on to be sure I remembered it.

Follow UP: Not Jane

The third song off our brand new upcoming album Follow UP is this quirky little number called Not Jane, check it out!

Photo by Wendy D Photography

Nothing against the name Jane, of course!  This just happened to be a real-life experience where a girl named Angel (for real) swooped down out of nowhere while a friend and I had coffee on Commercial Drive.  She turned out to be a teenaged model skipping high school to do a photo shoot later.  We shared a few memorable moments and she moved on, leaving a subtle wonder in her wake as we exchanged glances thinking, “did that really just happen?”  I couldn’t resist turning it into a song later the same day, with the twist of turning Angel into the “plain” name, and not Jane.

Check back tomorrow for a preview of the next song from Follow UP, coming out in just over two weeks, Saturday, September 8th!