Vancouver Sun review

Vancouver’s largest daily newspaper, the Vancouver Sun has just published their review of Songs of Serenity, by one of the city’s foremost music writers, Stuart Derdeyn.

Singling out the album’s “really tasty vocal harmonies,” the review offers up adjectives like “catchy” and “hooky” to describe the songs, as well as one which could apply to the whole project and persona of this particular singer-songwriter:  “easygoing.”  Yup.  I’ll take that as a compliment!

These guys are all pretty easygoing too (l-r): Adrian Buckley (drums), SP, Eric Lefebvre (bass), Derek Macdonald (keys)

We are thrilled to get our first major review on the books!  It is certainly easier to get the word out to more publications, blogs and music reviewers once that seal is broken.  So thanks to the Sun and Stuart for writing about this new Vancouver band composed of four veterans of the local music scene.  That kind of local support is crucial if you hope to reach a wider audience at the national or international level.

Again, you can read the full review shop on this very site to instantly get your digital download or order a CD to be shipped to you (while supplies last, all CDs ordered through the website will be signed copies from the initial run).  If you are a vinyl aficionado, a proper 12″ record is definitely on the way as soon as a few details are sorted (including a brand-new bonus track).   Stay tuned for news on pre-ordering that and another special event vinyl release show in January.

We’ll leave you with this video clip for one of the songs mentioned in Stuart’s review, as a bit of a departure from the rest of the album’s more personal tone, “gunsun.”  Don’t be fooled by the fakeout at the beginning!  It’s a bit of a cheeky video for an admittedly simplistic song on a serious subject.

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