Road to Freedom – full album digital download

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Are We to Blame? - digital download

Written from the perspective of a family who’s lost someone to violence, who have to watch the murderer get a hearing every year under Canada’s “Faint hope clause.”  Often we know the names of the killers but not the victims.


In the Sun - digital download

Inspiration in its many forms is the main subject here, like you find on a sun-drenched walk with an early love, “holding all the keys.”


Dawning On Me - digital download

Another sun metaphor wrapped around a relationship song, this one more matured but still dazzled by the beauty of it all.  Nothing more beautiful than waking up to a gorgeous day with a sweet, dream-formed melody ringing in your ear.


Haven't Got a Clue - digital download

I had a vivid dream of John Lennon singing the opening verse of this song, which I immediately got down on waking, and added the rest (in the throes of a current crush – source of so many songs).


Flight - digital download

A simple tune of separation from a new love, writing back and forth, longing for that to turn into her riding a plane back home.


Who Knew? - digital download

Another love song, about the early onset stage when both parties aren’t really sure it’s becoming what it inevitably is.


I Don't Mind - digital download

An ironic title; the singer minds, believe me.  An achingly sad song with that longing for things to be better that we love about the best sad songs.


James Dean - digital download

True story, James was not named after the movie star, he was the third in his family with that name (and did have a teenage heart attack).  But what’s in a name? and how does that impact our destiny?


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