New review in for Follow UP!

Vancouver’s venerated music journalist Tom Harrison may have retired from his longtime gig writing for the Sun and Province newspapers, but he still likes to keep his ear tuned for new music.  At his own website, he can write about anything he wants to now, so we’re thrilled that his latest post is a review of our new album, Follow UP!

Tom also reviewed Songs of Serenity last year (read that full review HERE), in which he praised the album’s “personal quality … and its twang”, and called it ” a record that is honest, beguilingly so, as it nakedly explores feelings in “Serenity,” alludes to family history or elicits a contentment”.  He pointed out that the lead singing (which is admittedly not of the stellar “Idol”-winning variety) “sounds untutored and vulnerable” but concludes that my voice suits the material: “It’s human and in that humanity is virtue.”

In the new review, he writes that “If that album’s gentle reflection was like a warm bath, Follow Up is much more brisk [with a] fuller sound” of “power-pop brightness”  Exactly right, Tom!  We are picking up the pace and pounding some familiar power-pop pavement in the footsteps of heroes like the Beatles.  Nice that he also says “Perry’s singing is less self-conscious, his arrangements more detailed with leads supported by double tracking and a greater attention paid to back up vocals.

Click here to read the full review on Tom’s page, and if you haven’t heard these songs for yourself yet, they are all previewed here on this site (just follow the links under “Music”, and obviously for sale (buy your own collector’s edition copy RIGHT HERE!).  Or if Spotify is your thing, you can stream to your heart’s content, just click on these links to go straight there:

Follow UP on Spotify

Songs of Serenity on Spotify



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