Follow UP vinyl release, and bonus track Go Away!

One week from tonight – Saturday, Feb 1 – we’ll be rocking LanaLou’s with friends The Walk-Ins and The Furniture, who will close out the show celebrating drummer Lana’s birthday, which will be followed by my own Brandy’s birthday Feb 3. For once, I am not releasing an album on my own birthday, but someone else’s!

It took a while to get this done, but there was no way I could leave our second album (following Songs of Serenity) as CD and digital only. After a long wait, Follow UP is officially being released on glorious vinyl – come down and get your signed copy in person as we perform songs from both albums (and even from the next one!)

You can’t have a two-sided disc with only 9 songs, so like our first, this vinyl LP includes a bonus track – which is officially released as of RIGHT NOW! The song is called Go Away, and is one of my earliest – dating back all the way to 1990. It’s a 30-year-old gem finally getting its debut on this record and a cheeky lyric video you can check out on youtube here:

View it, share it, buy it (HERE), dream of making our fair yet precipitous city rain-free with the power of positive thinking (just kidding, I guess, we need rain right?) – but best of all, get on down to LanaLou’s Saturday and see it played live, like music was meant to be enjoyed! See you all there.

All of these records will be on hand for purchase and signing at our show Feb 1st. Come get yours!

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