Follow UP: Not Jane

The third song off our brand new upcoming album Follow UP is this quirky little number called Not Jane, check it out!

Photo by Wendy D Photography

Nothing against the name Jane, of course!  This just happened to be a real-life experience where a girl named Angel (for real) swooped down out of nowhere while a friend and I had coffee on Commercial Drive.  She turned out to be a teenaged model skipping high school to do a photo shoot later.  We shared a few memorable moments and she moved on, leaving a subtle wonder in her wake as we exchanged glances thinking, “did that really just happen?”  I couldn’t resist turning it into a song later the same day, with the twist of turning Angel into the “plain” name, and not Jane.

Check back tomorrow for a preview of the next song from Follow UP, coming out in just over two weeks, Saturday, September 8th!

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