Follow UP: All That

One of many perfect moments from our first year; a lot of them at the old Railway, this one with the inimitable Ferdy Belland.

The song I chose to close out the new album is devoted to the best kind of positivity you can convey in song: the timeless, ageless, Love Song.  I’ve written quite a few, but none better than this one, which came very early in my time with Brandy, when we’d already had “lots of perfect moments” and knew we were destined to have many more.

She truly is “All That”, even though the title is actually short for “All That I Need” (too many songs with that title).  She brings out the best in me, she completes me, all that cliched (yet true) lovespeak.  It’s also true that we are still discovering each other, even 12 years later.  I’ve been sitting on this gem for almost that entire 12 years, so please, sample a little audio from the best song I’ve ever written, finally getting released Sept 8th:

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